Algorithms (Basics) course, Code Shala, Jodhpur

Algorithms (Basics)

An Algorithm is a sequence of steps used to understand the working of any task. Algorithms are an essential part of any computing system. They exist in small or huge industries and all areas, from computation, prediction, searching to cook some items in the kitchen. These remain the same for almost all programming languages. If a person knows how to write and execute an algorithm on paper, later, he/she can convert it into any programming language, with small learning of programming language syntax. In this 16 hour course, our primary focus is on improving the logical thinking UG/PG students, which helps them to think for "How to start and where to stop", for any unexpected and complex problem. Minimum 15 algorithms discussed, which includes maths questions and real-life tasks.

Course Objectives

In this course, students will try to learn about: Concept of instructions, program and programming, Writing algorithm and represent it in a pictorial format, which is known as flowchart.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, student will be able to: Describe the concept of instructions, program and programming, write, understand and explain the concept of algorithm and flowchart.

Course Features

1. Minimum 15 algorithms and flowcharts are given to students as assignment questions, which will help them in developing their logical thinking.
2. Students can discuss their doubts with instructor at any time during/after the course.
3. A course accomplishment e-certificate is issued to student contains QR-code and student's image. By scanning the QR code, any person/ organization can validate the authenticity of e-Certificate.

Course Outline

Introduction to Computer and its working, Instructions, Program & Programming, Algorithms. Write your first algorithm

More examples of algorithms are discussed. Concept of decision making and loops with example.

Concept of Flowchart and its importance. Learn its basic element and start making flowcharts, based on decision making and loops

Minimum 15 algorithms will be given as practice handson including maths basic, maths series, prime numbers, factorial, sorting, searching etc. These will be helpful in concept building and logical thinking.

All the students have to appear for final evaluation which is having two parts: Part 1 is based on MCQ (20 questions: 1 Hour) and Part 2 is based on algorithm writing and flowchart making task (2 Hours).

A feedback is collected about course content, instructor and his teaching methodology.
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A course accomplishment e-certificate containing QR-code and student's image, is issued to the student. This certificate will be remain on our website for future use.